Will your new business idea succeed?

QuickMVP is the easiest way to test your ideas, without wasting time or money.

A 5-Minute Technique


Landing Page

Set up a quick page that tests the demand for your idea.

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Google Ads

Target the right visitors with our Google Ad Creator.

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Test if you have a great idea before wasting time or money.

Too Easy To Work?

Radically successful businesses used this same technique


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Landing Page

  • Get it live in 3 minutes
  • Plain and simple--test your idea, not your design
  • Connect any domain name
  • Customize the CSS and add your own HTML (optional)
  • Test unlimited ideas
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Google Ad Creator

  • Takes 2 minutes with no expertise necessary
  • Add keywords and a budget and you're done
  • Automatically optimized for Google's Algorithm

What Our Customers Say

"In the past I'd buy the domain, build the website, buy Google Adwords. That process took 6 weeks and cost $15,000. QuickMVP has it all under the hood."

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Jonathan Siegel Serial Entrepreneur

"QuickMVP has an easy step by step process that guides you through how to validate an idea. No competitor does this now."

Quote ondrej
Ondrej Prostrednik Entrepreneur

"I treat QuickMVP as a concierge service. Getting 5 people to pay for my service validates the idea and pays for the $142 Google ad."

Quote tim
Tim Aton Entrepreneur

"I found it very easy to use, really straight-forward. Within two minutes you can
be up and running, testing your business idea online."

Quote mark
Mark Annette Teacher & Entrepreneur
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